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2013, 2014 — EU  44/G/ENT/PPA/12/6460http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/sectors/tourism/cultural-routes/index_en.htm

EuHeritage-Tour was designed on a community-based model.

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City of Graz
City of Graz, Rathaus, Hauptplatz 1, 8010 Graz, Austria
Ph: +43  3168723580
Contact Person: Gerhard Ablasser
e.mail: Gerhard.Ablasser@stadt.graz.at

The “European Programmes and International Cooperation Unit” of the city of Graz is part of the “The Executive Office for Urban Planning, Development and Construction”, a local public authority. Concerning the WHE-sites the most important goal is to protect and maintain the historic sites, but also to enable “modern life in historic buildings”.mailto:Gerhard.Ablasser@stadt.graz.at?subject=EUHeritage-TOURshapeimage_13_link_0
The Netherlands
Europeana Foundation
The Europeana Office - Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5, 2595 BE Den Haag, Netherlands
Ph: +31 70 3140991
Contact Person: Nicole Emmenegger
e.mail: nicole.emmenegger@europeana.eu

The Europeana Foundation is the governing body of the Europeana service. Its members are the presidents and chairs of European associations for cultural heritage and information associations.The Foundation promotes collaboration between museums, archives, audiovisual collections and libraries so that users can have integrated access to their content through Europeana and other services.mailto:nicole.emmenegger@europeana.eushapeimage_14_link_0
Cyprus Tourism Organization
19 Lemesos Avenue, 2112 Aglantzia, Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: +35 722691290
Contact Person: Maria Socratous
e.mail: MariaSokratous@visitcyprus.com

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) is a semi-governmental entity under the responsibility of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, established and operating according to the provisions of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation Law of 1969–2005 and the related Regulation on Structure and Terms of Employment and Administration and Finance. Cyprus Tourism Organization operates offices both in Cyprus and abroad; the Head Offices are based in Lefkosia (Nicosia) while there are Regional Offices in other cities and areas across the island. Moreover, Cyprus Tourism Organisation has active offices in seventeen major cities worldwide.mailto:MariaSokratous@visitcyprus.com?subject=EUHeritage-TOURshapeimage_15_link_0
Italy — Coordinator
X23 Ltd
Headquarter: via del Consolato, 6 00186 Rome (Italy)
Tel: +39 694356265

Contact Person: Giuseppe Laquidara — CEO
                         Marika Mazzi Boém — CCO, 1st Strategist
                         Margaret Colombani — Strategist
                         Federica Marano — 1st Researcher, Teacher

e.mail: giuseppe.laquidara@x-23.org

Born from Xóôlab, Xóôlab|Sviluppo, X23 Srl is a consultancy and private research centre providing studies and applications in technology areas, technological innovation, technology transfer, artificial intelligence, innovation consultancy, strategy and communication. Culture and creativity represent the field where X23’s expertise is more consistent. mailto:giuseppe.laquidara@x-23.org?subject=EUHeritage-TOUR%20Coordinatormailto:info@x-23.org?subject=EUHeritage-TOUR%20Coordinatormailto:info@euheritage-tour.eu?subject=EuHeritage-TOUR%20contact%20pointshapeimage_16_link_0shapeimage_16_link_1shapeimage_16_link_2
Portugal #1.
Alentejo Tourism ERT
Praça da República, 12 - 1º
Apartado 335
7800-427 Beja (Portugal)
Tel: +351 266777390
Contact Person: José Santos
e.mail:  jose.santos@turismodoalentejo-ert.pt

Alentejo Tourism is the regional tourism organization of the Portuguese Alentejo region. It hosts two stunning World Heritage sites providing excellent opportunities for introducing tourists in this extraordinary heritage, but also encouraging them to discover additional treasures of the region!mailto:jose.santos@turismodoalentejo-ert.pt?subject=EUHeritage-TOURshapeimage_17_link_0


a well balanced combination of public and private entities coming from UNESCO Cultural Heritage representative countries


was co-founded by the European Union, Directorate for industry and enterprise in September 2013.

The leading pan-European Consortium includes 5 member countries: Austria, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, and The Netherlands.

Associated partners from: France, Greece, Spain, UK, Macedonia, India.

An increasing number of UNESCO sites and cultural stakeholders are improving the original team.

Find the regional office leading the EUHeritageTOUR:

Portugal #2.
Quaternaire Portugal
Rua Tomás Ribeiro, 412 - 2º
4450-295 Matosinhos (Portugal)
Tel: +351 229399150
Contact Person: José Portugal
e.mail: jportugal@quaternaire.pt

Quaternaire Portugal is a corporate society owned predominantly by Portuguese shareholders, working on the following fields of expertise: Evaluation; Culture; Employment, Competences and Vocational Training; Spatial Planning; Strategic Planning; Urban Projects and Policies. Through the use of a solid scientific methodology, the Quaternaire Portugal's team has been involved in several projects which are focused on the heritage valorization.mailto:jportugal@quaternaire.pt?subject=EUHeritage-TOURshapeimage_28_link_0

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All entries of "associated partners" are free of charge.

The cost of the project is EUR 208,000 EUHeritageTOUR. The Europe Union has supported for EUR 158,000

Any links to external websites and/or non-World Heritage information provided or returned from UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre web search engines are provided as a courtesy. They should not be construed as an endorsement by European Commission, UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre, Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General of the content or views of the linked materials.

All images are provided as a courtesy by the authors under the Creative Commons Licenses CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Main Partners
Associated Partners



Touring Club Italiano

X23 Ltd, Italy


Europeana Foundation

The Netherlands



Tourism Office
of Cyprus

City of Graz


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